Harper College

Business EdVantage for Students

A high value in higher education.

Harper College is your community college whether you work or live in the district.

The Business EdVantage program allows people who live outside of Harper's district, but work at an in-district organization, to take college credit courses at in-district rates. This represents a savings of hundreds of dollars per credit.

The same great tuition rate no matter where you live.

Program Requirements

  • Apply to the college in order to be eligible for the program.
  • Students must be working within the Harper College district. If you're not sure that your company is in the Harper District, contact the Registrar's Office to find out. Students working as contractors or with a staffing agency are not eligible to participate. In order to be eligible to use the Business EdVantage, students must be employed as of the first date of semester and must be consistently employed throughout the semester to be eligible for this program. International students are eligible only if employed by Harper College.
  • Update your employment status each term.
  • A current copy of payslip is required.
Last Updated: 6/18/24