Harper College


Getting started at Harper College? One of the first recommended steps is choosing an Area of Interest. By selecting your Area of Interest, we can put you on the right path to complete your goals. While some students are very clear about what they want to study, other students benefit from reviewing the options before deciding.

We have 10 Areas of Interest for you to explore. Which one is right for you? It depends on many factors: your career or transfer goals, your values and your interests. Review the Programs of Study within each Area of Interest to learn more. Still not sure? Consider exploring further using our career assessment, Focus 2.


Still deciding? Explored all 10 Areas of Interest and still not sure which one aligns best with your goals, even after using Focus 2? No worries. During your first semester, we'll help you enroll in a First Year Seminar class (FYS 101), designed to help you do further exploration and clarify your path.


Last Updated: 4/8/24