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Engineering Pathways to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Guaranteed admission in the major of your choice to The Grainger College of Engineering at UIUC

For incoming freshman students interested in transferring to The Grainger College of Engineering at UIUC, the Engineering Pathways program provides an opportunity for qualifying students to gain guaranteed admission to this highly competitive and top-ranked program. 

  • Students must apply for consideration in spring of their senior year in high school. 
  • Application dates: January 5 through April 5. UIUC may adjust dates as needed.

Engineering Pathways application process

Step 1: Apply to Harper College. You may do this any time prior to completing the Engineering Pathways application. Please make note of the ID number (or H-number because it will start with H00) that you are assigned. You will need it for the additional steps.

Step 2: A proctored ALEKS math placement test with a score of 76 or greater is required to be considered for Engineering Pathways admissions and may not be waived. Learn how to prepare for and take the ALEKS math placement test. You will be asked to submit your ALEKS score as part of your Pathways application. We recommend that you take the test before starting the process. 

Step 3: Obtain an official copy of your high school transcripts. They must include your 7th semester (first term of your senior year) grades. These will be emailed or sent electronically to engineeringpathways@illinois.edu

Step 4: Complete UIUC's Engineering Pathways application. You will be required to submit your ALEKS test score report and unofficial transcripts for any dual credit courses you have taken, so please have them prepared. The application requires you to submit answers to short essays. Take them seriously because the review team considers them carefully in the admissions process.

Additional information on the application and the application process can be found by visiting the Engineering Pathways program page hosted by UIUC.

Questions may be directed to the Harper Engineering Pathways Program coordinators at engineering@harpercollege.edu or by following the “Contact Us” information on the UIUC program page.

Missed the deadline or need a little more preparation? 

The Intent to Pursue Pathways (IPP) process may be the right option for you. The IPP process allows students the opportunity to apply (or re-apply) for Engineering Pathways after their first year at Harper College.  

Students who are calculus-ready when they enroll will be expected to complete the identical course plan as those who are already a part of the Pathways program. If successful, they can apply at the end of their first year to be considered to join the program in their second year at Harper.

Students who need additional course preparation can be considered for a foundation year to complete coursework leading up to the traditional Pathways curriculum.  

To be registered for the Intent to Pursue Pathways process, you must be admitted to Harper and complete the IPP form including your Harper ID number and email address.  You will be contacted by an Engineering Pathways transfer advisor to discuss your course selections and next steps.

More information and the IPP form can be found on the Intent to Pursue Pathways page.


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