Institutional Effectiveness Dashboard 2016

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Final Status of 2016 Targets

Institutional effectiveness is a process that involves the entire institution in the assessment of the College's performance on key indicators, called Institutional Effectiveness Measures (IEMs). These measures align with the mission and vision of Harper College as well as the needs and expectations of the College's internal and external stakeholders. Harper’s IEMs include five student success measures and five institutional success measures. Each of these measures contains two or more indicators.

The Board of Trustees first approved and adopted IEMs for Harper College in FY2011. In FY2012, constituents from across the College joined in a campus conversation to recommend long-term IEM targets, to be achieved in 2016. In order to select recommended targets for the IEMs, historical and comparison data were examined. Current institutional priorities and initiatives also guided the development of these targets. The recommended targets were approved by the Board of Trustees in May 2012. Additionally, the Board adopted an updated, refocused version of the IEMs in FY2015, which was implemented for FY2016. Recommended targets were set using a framework that included three categories:

  • Expected: If we continue on our current path, this target represents the expected outcome.
  • Improvement: A challenging, yet attainable target that can be achieved through increased effort.
  • Stretch: A target achieved only if the measure is prioritized and institutional focus is placed on dramatic improvement.

Final status on these targets is defined as:

  • Target Achieved: The 2016 data met or exceeded the 2016 target range.
  • Target Not Achieved: This status will not be selected until 2016 data is available.

Overall, 51.9% (14/27) of the 2016 indicator targets were met, including 50.0% (7/14) of expected targets, 80.0% (4/5) of improvement targets and 37.5% (3/8) of stretch targets. Among those results, 64.3% (9/14) of student success indicator targets were met, while 38.5% (5/13) of institutional success indicator targets were met.

This dashboard includes additional summary information regarding IEM target achievement as well as five years of results for each indicator. Actual data can be obtained by clicking on the desired indicator.

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Last Updated: 12/14/23