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Strategic Plan FY2021-2024

The four-year Strategic Plan (FY2021-2024) is a result of broad engagement in a community-based planning process. Four overarching themes provided guiding direction for the development of the plan goals: College Culture; Equity; Excellence in Teaching and Learning; and Partnerships and Outreach. The FY2021-2024 Strategic Plan consists of six goals:

Goal 1. Implement practices that promote Harper’s core values of respect, integrity, collaboration and excellence.

Goal 2. Implement innovative and inclusive teaching and learning.

Goal 3. Identify and remove barriers to student success.

Goal 4. Build institutional capacity to support equity, diversity and inclusion.

Goal 5. Advance relationships among education, community and workforce partners.

Goal 6. Enhance awareness of and access to Harper College programming, resources, events and partnerships.

Strategic Plan Dashboard

Progress towards accomplishing the goals can be found on the FY2021-2024 Strategic Plan dashboard.

Additional Information

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Last Updated: 12/14/23