Harper College

Career Skill Institute

The Harper College Career Skills Institute (CSI) is an educational program for students with mild cognitive disabilities, ages 18 and above . CSI assesses and strengthens basic employability skills and helps students develop realistic career plans.

Cohorts of not more than fifteen students stay together for two years, trained by professional support staff and instructors.

  • Year One focuses on basic academics and communication.
  • Year Two focuses on career exploration with a guided vocational experience.

How CSI Students Benefit:

  • Build academic, vocational, and social skills
  • Learn appropriate work behavior and problem-solving skills for the workplace
  • Develop career-related interests
  • Receive an honest assessment of their career potentials
  • Better understand the continuing supports they will require in the workplace

For More Information, visit harpercollege.edu/ce/csi or contact Eric Wiebe, Program Coordinator, at 847.925.6000 ext 6161 or email: we38933@harpercollege.edu.

Last Updated: 3/25/24