Harper College

Current International Students (F-1)

The International Student Office (ISO) is at Harper College for you, the international students.

  • When situations arise and you are not sure how to handle them in a different country, make an appointment with the International Student Coordinator to discuss it.
  • If you are experiencing loneliness or missing your home country and family, make an appointment to see the International Student Coordinator.
  • If something exciting is going on in your life and you want to share it with someone, come by the office or give us a call.
  • If you have a quick question, send us an email, jizumika@harpercollege.edu 

Harper College is proud to have you study here and the ISO staff are available to support you as you pursue your educational goals. Please take a moment to download and read the International Student Handbook.

In addition to the many useful links below, be sure to always check your email from the International Student Coordinator. 

Links for Current International Students

Orientation -- New to Campus


Scammers may target international students while they adjust to their new environment, because cultural and language barriers often make it difficult for international students to determine whether an offer for help or request for money is real or fake. 

If you ever receive a threatening call or message from someone claiming to be a government or law enforcement official, you should:

  • NEVER give the person any personal or financial information! 
  • Try to collect contact information from the caller. 
  • End the conversation immediately if threats and intimidation persist. 
  • Contact their designated school official. 

Change of Major

Students who wish to change their major must make an appointment with the International Student Coordinator to discuss the change and update important paperwork. See the list of available majors at Harper College.

Change of Address

U.S. Immigration regulations require that you report your address to the International Student Coordinator within ten days of moving. Your address must always be current with the International Student Office.

Transfer to Another U.S. College or University

Harper College has a lot of information about transferring to another U.S. school on its website. Harper also has a Transfer Information Specialist advisor in the Advising Center in Building I. You can review the transfer information on the website and/or make an appointment with the advisor by calling 847.925.6393.

You must also schedule an appointment with the International Student Coordinator to plan for your transfer. You must follow specific procedures to maintain your legal, F-1 status.

Other Useful Links

Last Updated: 12/14/23