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Resolution Process

Resolution of Complaints

The College takes all reports seriously, and conducts investigations and resolution procedures that are designed to be private and to respect the rights of all involved parties. Both the complainant and the accused/respondent will have equitable opportunities during the investigation and resolution process, including:

  • Opportunity to be accompanied by an advisor of your choosing during any meeting or proceeding related to the resolution process (including investigation meetings)
  • Opportunity to review and respond to the relevant information in the case
  • Be informed in writing of the relevant outcomes of the proceeding, including any appeal procedures
  • Be notified if there has been an appeal and to offer any additional information for consideration through the appellate process
  • Be informed of any changes to the outcome(s) as a result of an appeal , and when the outcomes are considered final (i.e. no further opportunity for appeal)

Because of the serious and sensitive nature of these incidents, all investigations and resolution procedures will be conducted by persons who have training on the issues related to dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, and sexual assault. These individuals also recognize how to conduct an investigation and resolution process that protects the safety of victims/survivors/persons who have been harmed and promote accountability. The procedures are also designed to provide a fundamentally fair process that treats all parties with respect.

Resolution Process

Last Updated: 6/4/24