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Careers in Fire Science Technology

A career in fire science technology can open up many opportunities. With an associate's degree in Fire Science Technology, you can become a firefighter, fire inspector, or forest fire inspector.

You can also certify as an instructor, fire officer, fire apparatus engineer, hazardous materials first responder and technician.

As a firefighter, you may be on call at a fire station, often living at the station. You may respond to emergency situations throughout the community, such as building fires, auto accidents, or other emergency situations. This can be one of the most health-endangering positions. Firefighters use fire apparatuses, appliances, sprinkler systems, air monitoring meters, ladders, attack hoses and adapters to produce control and extinguish fires.

They also respond to emergencies involving life, property or the environment and execute rescues. Mitigating chemical spills is another important part of the job. Fire inspectors examine structures for fire hazard code requirements.

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Last Updated: 4/8/24