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Campus Conversations: "Equity Dialogues" Series


This was a three-session Equity Dialogues series as part of our broader Campus Conversations. The purpose of this series was to afford faculty and staff a space to have meaningful conversations regarding integrating equity into our work. The topics selected were overarching such that faculty and staff could participate in comparable conversations.

  • Session 1: January O-Week, January 11, 2023 "What does it mean to have an equity mindset?"
  • Session 2: Professional Development Day, April 6, 2023 "Why is racial equity particularly important?"
  • Session 3: August O-Week, August 16, 2023 "What does equity look like in our day-to-day jobs?"



The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion coordinated the series with support from the Office of the Provost and the Office of the President.


The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion solicited volunteers from all employee groups to lead small group dialogues that are equity centered. The first training was provided by Dr. Cadmona Hall, Professor at Adler University and the second training was provided by Dr. Nataka Moore, Professor at Adler University. The facilitators are listed below. 

1. David Antonides

2. Brittany Barber

3. Dr. Scott Cashman  

4. Karega Cooper

5. Martinez E-B Garcias

6. Bob Grapenthien

7. Esmeralda Guerrero Lopez

8. Dr. Travaris Harris

9. Dr. Stephanie Horton

10. Dr. Joanne Ivory

11. Jeff Julian

12. Maham Khan

13. Christopher Maxwell

14. DuBoi McCarty

15. Kristyn Meyer

16. Veronica Mormino

17. Ranjani Murali

18. Dr. Alina Pajtek

19. Kathleen Reynolds

20. Jaime Riewerts

21. Bev Riley

22. Aisha Robinson

23. Dr. Rebecca Scott

24. Monica Shirley

25. Dr. Michelé Smith

26. Deann Surdo

27. Sean Warren-Crouch

28. Mark Watychowicz

29. LaVonya Williams

30. Dr. Markenya Williams


Series Recap:

All sessions were held in the Wojcik Dining Room and lunch was provided for all attendees. All employees were encouraged to attend, however, space was limited and participants were encouraged to register in advance. Facilitators were assigned tables and led the conversations. Dr. Johnson facilitated the whole group discussions at the end of the sessions to help participants reflect, process and identify key themes that emerged during the shared dialogues. 

ed-series group picEquity Dialogues Facilitators

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