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The past, present and future

In the Humanities Department we offer courses and topics that examine the intersections of human creativity, looking at the cultural connections of the visual arts/architecture, literature, music, philosophy, theater, mythology, storytelling and other forms of performance.

Traditionally, humanities courses have considered what was deemed “our heritage.” However, for our department, the important questions are: What “our” has meant in the past, what it means now, and what do we want it to mean in the future? We want to engage our students in a re-imagining and critique of the traditional notions of human heritage and cultural inheritance.

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The Associate in Arts (AA) degree prepares you to transfer to a four-year college or university to complete a bachelor's degree in humanities. Speak with your advisor about the best courses to take to meet your academic goals.

Harper also offers institution-specific transfer information to help prepare you to transition to a four-year university. To learn more, visit our Transfer Information page or see your advisor.

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Learn more about career outcomes for Harper's Humanities degree program. Each career profile offers a complete picture on the local job market, including salaries, open positions, top local employers and more. To learn more, visit our Humanities Careers page.


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