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Emergency Procedures

for Life Threatening Emergencies Dial 911

Give the following information:

  • Your name
  • The nature of the emergencey - injury, fire, etc.
  • The location:
     Harper College
     1200 West Algonquin Road, Palatine
     Building, floor and room number 

Do not hang up until told to do so. Additional information may be needed.
If you are unsure about the seriousness of the situation, do not hesitate to call for emergency assistance.
If you have questions about these procedures or about how to respond to emergency situations, call:

Harper Police: 6330 from campus phone
847.925.6330 from cell
847.397.8551 TTY


Emergencies, disasters, accidents and injuries can occur at any time and without warning. Being prepared physically and mentally to handle emergencies is an individual as well as an organizational responsibility.
Harper College has established emergency procedures for you to follow so that the effects of these emergencies can be minimized. Your safety is of primary importance.

The purpose of this publication is to acquaint you with an effective plan for handling possible emergencies and disasters. Once you are familiar with this information, you will be able to protect yourself and perhaps save someone else’s life.
The more you are prepared, the better you will respond to an emergency situation. No matter what the crisis: Think before you act; then act swiftly to minimize your exposure to danger. Read this guide thoroughly before an emergency occurs.

Preparedness starts with you: